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MMF2 Stuff Shader List
Vitalize! Plugin
Clickteam official chatroom (on Discord)
Clickteam's Released Extensions forum
ExtensionView 2.15 (direct)
ExtensionView Redirector Patch
(if using CTF2.5, for EV to recognise Fusion, create a dummy "mmf2.exe" file in Fusion install folder)
Extension list INI (place in Extensions folder)

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This page supports multiple GET parameters:
 •   showAllCols: on start, enables all columns in filter;
 •   disableFilter: disables filter and shows all rows/columns;
 •   noscript: implies disableFilter, and turns off sorting CSS highlights;
 •   colourRows: turns on row colouring based on that extension's status;
 •   partialTable: shows only some of the first rows, good for when editing the page.
 •   forceRefreshCache: deletes the internal table cache, causing a lengthly loading time as it is rebuilt.
Browsers are automatically redirected to the noscript variant if they have JS disabled.
The internal cache rebuilds every hour automatically. Last update was Sun 23rd Oct 2016, 05:06 AM.
If you want to use the parameters just set them to 1 in the query path. If you don't know how to add a GET parameter, Google it.

NB: It's worth noting this page used to be generated from the ExtensionView database. That database and site has since gone down.
Attempts to contact ExtensionView's owner proved fruitless, so Phi had to take matters into his own hands.