The Lacewing Webserver is an object which allows you to host a customizable Lacewing Webserver, hosing either an HTTP server, and HTTPS server, or both, and handling GET, POST, and HEAD requests from HTTP clients (such as web browsers).

You must generate response messages yourself in the same event as the On [..] request conditions, though it may be broken up into several On [..] request events.

The header is generated for you, with you being able to change some things (such as MIME type and/or Location header items). You as the programmer must design it to behave in any way you see fit, be it for actually hosting a website or for acting as a miniature remote control panel.

Be aware the Webserver is based on source code that is now lost, so you can not expect bugfixes.

A list of Relay Webserver bugs can be found on the Known Relay bugs topic.

By default, Lacewing Webserver will add response header items:

  • Server: liblacewing #20 (Windows/x86) (read more)
  • X-DNS-Prefetch-Control: off (read more)
    This DNS one will be added in HTTP responses, not HTTPS.