The Lacewing Relay Client is the main object of the Lacewing extension set, as it allows you to connect to a server, join channels, and interact with peers. Beyond that, it is up to you, the programmer, to design the way that peers should interact with each other and the server, be it for a game or for an application such as a chat program.

Think of the Relay Client as representing your application, interacting with other instances of the same application. You shouldn't design programs with different code for different peers (e.g. don't design separate sender and receiver programs) – instead, design your events such that you treat yourself as a peer equal to all other peers.

The Lacewing Relay Client is the only part of Lacewing that has been ported to Flash (AS3).

It was later ported to Android, but only works in Android 5 and lower, as it strangely uses OpenSSL OS libraries, which were removed from the OS in Android 6.0 in favor of BoringSSL.

OpenSSL was part of the Lacewing Webserver code, used for HTTPS, so the dependency was inherited in Lacewing Relay, despite Relay never using SSL. The dependency was going to be removed later, but the source code was lost and so it never happened.

Lacewing Relay Client is compatible with below Android 6.0, only on ARMv5, ARMv7, and x86 ABIs; newer devices use arm64-v8a, and x86_64.

Bluewing Client was written with the dependencies removed, and can use any ABI.